Ricardo Gonzalez

CEO, Principal, and Microsoft Regional Director in Bogotá, Colombia

Ricardo Gonzalez

CEO, Principal, and Microsoft Regional Director in Bogotá, Colombia

I am co-founder and CEO of Androcial Media Inc.

I solve problems!

I am a Senior Architecture and Software Development expert with more than 18 Years of experience in different business as Telco, Health Care, Banking, Digital Marketing, among others. I specialized in software development processes and software architecture & design. Many activities related to design and implementation optimization under different technologies, and platforms.

My passion is to help customers to solve real problems with the right use of technology. Ranging from the Business Technology Strategy to Design and Human Dynamics. Transition to the cloud and integration of cross platform systems is a big part of it. In most of the cases, during that process, my work covers the interaction with multidisciplinary teams that include CxO, Engineering, Operations, and Development people.

Since university I've been a fanatic of AI and embedded systems, Right now is a very exciting time for that.

I love to share knowledge, one way is being undergraduate and postgraduate professor in Software Architecture, Design and Development subjects. Some other ways are as a frequent speaker in tech conferences and regional technical communities

I am Microsoft Regional Director for Bogota since 2004.

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Some other interests include music, cooking, reading, movies and scuba diving. I am also co-founder and bass player in Soulburner - Death Metal Band.

Talk to me about: PaaS, Cloud Computing, IoT, DevOps, Robotics, Machine Learning, blockchain

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Ricardo is a dedicated and dependable Professional. He is highly recognized in the technology industry and among of some of the most important companies in Colombia due to successful project execution.
Fabio Ernesto Rodriguez Rodriguez - Cloud & Enterprise Lead @ Microsoft Col
Ricardo has enough expertise in software development and software architecture. I know Ricardo since 2004 and always he demonstrates his professional commitment and excellent personal skills. Any company that requires his professional services could trust that their recommendations and professional advises always drives to the needed solution.
Roberto Erazo - Partner Development Manager @ AWS
Ricardo is an excellent professional, that works continuously in developing a great market developers sector, Ricardo´s dedication and well thought strategies have shown visible results in the Region. As an individual Ricardo is a results orientation person, team management, team work and he has a very effective communication skills.
Marcela Jimenez - Sales & Marketing Business Leader LATAM @ Oracle
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